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Who doesn't want a dream home of their own? A place where you can live peacefully, away from most of life's troubles. In silence, you will be able to work serenely and create a healthy environment for your family. Thanks to Park View City Islamabad – a project by Vision Group in zone IV Islamabad. 
The society is enormous – 400 ft at CentralBoulevard that connects directly to the highway and provides a simple route to Kurri Road. The housing society is famous due to the gorgeous view and up-to-date facilities. 
A perfect place for a family who prefers to live around joyful, secured, and helpful people. The Park View City Islamabad offers luxurious flats, commercial plots and a grand mosque, surrounded by schools and a vast community center. 
The housing society's main road contains a humongous 200-ft broad road—beautiful streets, with ample greenery by the side road, with parks and underground electricity. 
Let's explore some of the most notable features of Park View City Islamabad. You might be thinking, is the hype worth it? You are investing in something, your hard-earned cash. So, here goes a good reason if you are looking for an apartment for sale in Islamabad or even renting out a plot. 

Here's Why You Need to Start Investing in Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad Location Map

Before you even look at the Park View City Islamabad price list, it is worth mentioning that it is located in a luxurious society. Just a 15-minute drive from Kashmir Highway, located close to Serena Hotel. 
The 200-ft wide road is enough to make you praise for any house for sale in Park View City Islamabad. You'll be travelling on the Murree street right from the Kashmir Highway straight to Islamabad express highway in just 15 minutes.
The Blue area is just around 20 minutes away. The society is ideal for both residential and industrial. Book your dream home before it’s too late. 
If you look at the park view city Islamabad location map,you'll realize that you can easily reach the central city quickly. The society surrounded by mountains, landscapes and a gorgeous view is perfect-fit for building your ideal home. 
Even though the housing scheme is suitably near to the central city and is easily approachable, PVC housing society also has the advantage of the landscape of mountains and hills of Bani Gala surrounding it. The calmness of the beautiful landscape near the city centre is the ideal bundle for building your dream home.
A Commercial Area With A Grand Entrance 

The main road of Park View City Islamabad is spacious. It links to the Jinnah Avenue Islamabad road. 
Do you find travelling to work hectic? Not anymore! The Park View City has wide roads with safe travels and calmness commute to work. It will take all your worries away. You'll travel safely and can be more creative at work while you travel in a hassle-free manner. 
According to Park View Islamabad map, the industrial area is located right at the entrance. The commercial region resides right initially, so the residential value is already up in the sky. You can imagine going to work where the commercial place is right at the beginning. 
Another fantastic benefit of a substantial commercial entrance is that there will be immense footfall. With surroundings like Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave, the surroundings have a great value and increase soon. 
Due to the industrial region, this creates appeals for the property developers to develop shopping malls that will eventually increase the land's value. 

Possession of Block A & B in Park View City

As an experienced Real Estate Agents The development is going fast, and you can grab your flat plot in Block A or B already. Whether you need a home to live in or an office to start your business now is the right time to look for sale plots in Park view City Islamabad. 
The other blocks are already under development at a speedy pace. The Grand Jamia mosque construction also began and in progressing fast. In the next few years, Park View City will be a place with a friendly neighbourhood and gorgeous view. 
Get the latest updates on BahriaPhase.com.

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Professional Developers

In real estate, one of the core problems arises when there is a delay by the developer. But in Park View City Islamabad you don't have to worry about development delay. All the property dealers working with Bahria are professional. They will help youwith choosing the right flat or plot for you. 
You don't have to worry about Pak View City Islamabad developers' portfolio because all of them have a working experience that entitles them to develop a full-proof property in the most luxurious place in Islamabad. 

There are fewer risks when it comes to working with someone of experience. Every properly dealer in Pak View City can help you planwith the park view city Islamabad payment plan. You can then decide which one option is the rightfit for you. 
The portfolio of developers working with Pak View is quite diversified. From single apartments to corporative societies. All of these features display a team that is hardworking and deliver projects on time. 
The Overseas Pak View City

There is an overseas block at Pak View that can take care of even the people living outside Pakistan. From single residence to classic apartments, you'll be able to live in your dream home with lovely surroundings. 
The society is about to begin development, so get ready to book your plots. No need to search for a property or a home when you can easily book home from Park View City Islamabad house for sale scheme. 
Get ready to invest in Islamabad's most luxurious society where you'll not face any small problems. The residents are peaceful, friendly, and you'll be able to live the life of your dreams. 

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Well-Maintained Society

Since the development started in back 2017, Pak View City has maintained a record-breaking development routine. In just three decades, the society became the alive society in Islamabad. The marketplace is safe to invest, live, and give out property on rent with a friendly neighbourhood. 
A professional team of Property Dealers in Islamabad  will be able to guide you on how to take a step-up in buying or renting a property in Pak View City. The housing scheme is simple, but there are still some things that only professionals can convey and need to take help from them.

Pak View City HaveA Lot Of Funding

In the past couple of years, the investors have gazed their eyes on Pak View City's funding. Because of tremendous marketing and value that the property is providing, it is eminent that every investor is willing to rotate their investments in the Pak View City. 
A place where the investors trust the builders and the potential that Pak View City Islamabad has. 

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The investors trust Pak View City and know that their investments will remain safe. 
So, when the shareholders plan to withdraw from 3.5 marla plots, the Pak View City launched a 2.5 marla commercial plots that were a massive success. 
In short, the planning of Pak View City Islamabad is quite versatile. It allows you to examine each aspect before you buy or rent a home. You can look at the vast portfolio, and you'll understand that all of their projects are worth investing in. 

Huge Plot Dimensions

Another amazing about Pak View City is the even the regular plot dimensions are more significant than any other society. For instance, a fivemarla plot is about 1500 square feet which are more than enough. And a tenmarla plot is around 2450 square feet. 
The onemarla plots are 250 square feet bigger than the properties available at any other society. Adequate space is something that everyone wants and demands, but it is very unusual for an organization to offer such fantastic plot dimensions. 

No Park View City Islamabad NOC Problems

If you need to buy a plot in any society, you need to go through a long process. But not with Pak View City. There is no permission required to purchase the property or rent a home in this society. 
This is because Pak View City Islamabad has already acquired legal permission from the Capital Development Authority, making it easy to offer the plot or a commercial place without even taking permission from anyone else. 

Enriched With Basic Facilities 

Usually, when you plan to buy a home in society, necessary facilities cost extra. But not with Pak View City. You'll be given all the essential facilities within the package. 
From home security to garbage and water to gas everything us abundant in Pak View City Islamabad.  You don't have to worry about anything. Everything is all there. 

The Environment Is Peaceful 

Who doesn't want a park near their home? Every society is provided with a park where kids play, and pet animals walk. You don't have to worry about kids shouting on the street. The environment s quite friendly and peaceful. 
If you visit the place, you'll notice that the amount of peace that the area has is phenomenal. Yes. You'll live in such harmony. 
You can visit for a day and check whether the environment is up-to-your-mark or not. You will get supreme peace, and everything will remain as it is in the coming years as well. 

No More Pollution

If you hate pollution, then Pak View City is for you.

It's a place where you'll find zero levels of pollution. Be it air pollution or noise pollution, andyou'll be blessed with peace and tranquillity—no more peace-killing neighbours. The houses are planned in such a manner that you'll not even hear what is going on outside.

A Perfect Return On Investment 
For anyone looking for a place to invest, then Pak View City Islamabad is the best place to do so. Since the property is growing and building exponentially, there is a good chance that the value of each property will increase after a few years. 
If you don't know where to invest, you can always contact Bahriaphase.com and the experts will be happy to guide you with all the requirements. 

No Load shedding At All
If you are still confused about whether to but property in Pak View City of not, there is another good news. The Pak View City is load shedding free area. Since electricity is generated internally, you don't have to worry about the lack of electricity. 
Have you ever thought of living in a place where there is no electricity shortage? And in Pakistan, we don't think so. But now, this is the reality that you will see for yourself. 
Visit us or ask anyone living in Pak View City Islamabad and they'll never stop praising the place. A place where you can work and live in peace. Think of how much time will be saved because of no load shedding. Your own home where you can do anything peacefully and enjoy the beautiful moments with your family. 

What are you waiting for? 
If you haven't decided yet, this is the time to get all your family together and live at a place where there is peace, joy, fun and tranquility. With the necessary facilities,you'll be able to work in a friendly environment. 
Your home will be at peace, and your kids will grow in a place where it's safe to play on the road. You can even enjoy a romantic walk with your better half without any fear. 
The place is fully secured, that's why you don't have to worry about your family's security and safety. You can get to work and be productive while your family can enjoy at home. 

A perfect home for an ideal family. Contact Bahriaphase.com and book a plot














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